5 Health Benefits of Grilling Food

Grilling is a method of cooking that involves the application of heat to the surface of the food usually from above to below. Grilling can be used on such foods as meat and vegetables. There are certain advantages and health benefits that are attributed to grilling as a cooking method.


These are:


1) Retaining meat nutrients


Grilling food ascertains that the nutrients in the food are not lost. When grilling meat, for instance, tossing it on the grill over fire retains riboflavin and thiamine nutrients both of which could be lost significantly if the meat was fried or boiled. Nutrients are very vital in a forming a healthy diet and so it is important to maintain as much nutrients as possible when cooking.


2) Grilling encourages outdoor activities


As this method of cooking is done outdoors, it encourages people to be actively involved in outside activities. As you toss a frisbee around or play while dinner is cooking on the grill, your body activity is high. This is a health advantage that definitely goes well with the evening meal.


3) Consumption of less fat

Grilling ensures that the excess fat is drained. cooking fat gets cooked off when grilling and in the long run drips off the grates compared to when frying using a pan for instance where the fat gets reabsorbed to the food that is cooking. Fats are not healthy and so the less we consume the better.


4) Less use of butter


The grill is known to lock in more moisture. As such, you do not need to keep adding butter to your vegetables or to your meat to cook. This ensures you eat a healthy lifestyle because you do not consume unnecessary calories or other unhealthy supplements of butter to your body.


5) Healthier vegetables


Grilling vegetables, especially those with a low water content is healthy. This is because grilling helps retain the minerals and the vitamins in the veggies. Vegetables that are grilled are usually fresh ones which is advisable in comparison to those canned veggies. As such, grilling vegetables is both nutritious and affordable.


It is, however, advisable to use gas in place of charcoal when grilling to avoid the health complications that may come as a result of using charcoal. Such health concerns are chemicals that cause cancer which can be passed to the food being grilled from coal.